Top 10 Assistive Technology Startup Companies

Jun 17, 2024

Fello Agency is a top-tier tech marketing agency serving some of the world's most innovative tech companies. One of our favourite industries is assistive technology (AT). For those unfamiliar, AT helps people with disabilities live more independently with the support of technology. In our opinion, this is one of the most important areas of advancement in technology today!

We'd like to start by highlighting the incredible work done by Neuralink. I had the pleasure of watching a video released earlier in 2024 about Nolan, a quadriplegic who lost full use of his body. Neuralink's brain implant allowed him to regain control of his thoughts, enabling him to play video games again. As someone who constantly analyzes hundreds of tech companies across various fields like quantum computing, XR, and space tech, witnessing Nolan's smile because he could finally play games was a powerful reminder of the profound impact technology can have.

Let's highlight 10 other innovative and incredible companies in the assistive technology space that are helping people live more fulfilling lives. (We'll exclude Neuralink due to their advanced technology and significant funding.) Please note, that these companies are presented in no particular order of importance.

10: Glidance

A blind woman using Assitive Tech

Company: Glidance

Mission: Glidance is on a mission to revolutionize independent movement for people with vision loss. They believe freedom of mobility is a fundamental right, not a luxury.

Product: Glide is a groundbreaking self-guided mobility device, the first of its kind. It uses a combination of cutting-edge robotics and AI to empower people with sight loss to navigate their surroundings safely and independently, both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Navigation: Glide utilizes advanced sensors to map environments, autonomously avoiding obstacles and hazards.

  • Enhanced Awareness: It not only navigates but also provides users with real-time descriptions of their surroundings through an "active scene description" feature.

  • Flexibility: Glide caters to both pre-programmed destinations and spontaneous exploration, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

  • User-Friendly Design: Glide prioritizes ease of use with an intuitive interface, making it a seamless experience for users.

Impact: Glidance is passionate about breaking barriers through technology. They believe Glide can empower people with vision loss to live more fulfilling lives by fostering greater independence in mobility.

Founder: Amos Miller, the founder and CEO, brings a unique perspective to Glidance. Having lost his sight, he leveraged his experience and expertise in assistive technology (including creating Microsoft's Soundscape navigation app) to develop Glide.


9: Trexo Robotics

A child using assistive technology to walk

Company: Trexo Robotics

Mission: Fueled by a personal story, Trexo Robotics is dedicated to developing assistive technologies that improve mobility for people of all ages. Their core value is to create a world where everyone can experience the benefits of walking.

Product: Trexo Home is a robotic gait training device designed for home use. It helps children with various mobility challenges improve their walking patterns, build strength, and gain endurance.

Key Features:

  • Home-based therapy: Trexo Home empowers families to provide gait training for their children within the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

  • Versatility: Trexo's adjustable design caters to a wide range of mobility limitations, including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and spinal cord injuries.

  • Personalized Training: The Trexo system can be customized to each child's unique needs and goals.

  • Technical Support: Trexo offers ongoing technical support to ensure families can maximize the benefits of the device.

  • Success Stories: Trexo showcases real stories of children achieving improved mobility and independence through their product.

Impact: By creating a home-based solution, Trexo Robotics aims to make gait training more accessible and empower children with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Founder: the founder of Trexo Robotics is Manmeet Maggu.

Manmeet and trexo robotics.

Additional Notes:

  • Trexo currently offers two versions: Trexo Home (for home use) and Trexo Plus (for physical therapists in clinics).

  • Trexo emphasizes a thorough assessment process to ensure each child is a suitable candidate for their device.

  • It's important to note that Trexo is not currently available in the U.S.

(I had the chance to go and meet Manmeet at Trexo HQ in 2023, Here is a picture of Me, Manmeet and Shehroz)


8: Steadiwear

Steadiwear is a company focused on creating innovative solutions for individuals with hand tremors.

Mission: Steadiwear is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for individuals with hand tremors. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life by offering discreet and efficient tremor relief.

Product: The Steadi-Two glove is their flagship product. It’s an FDA-registered Class I medical device designed to stabilize hand tremors. Users can wear it comfortably for extended periods.

Key Features:

  1. Effective Relief: The Steadi-Two glove effectively reduces hand tremors, allowing users to perform daily tasks more confidently.

  2. Lightweight and Comfortable: The glove is lightweight and unobtrusive, making it suitable for various activities.

  3. Clinical Validity: Backed by clinical studies, the Steadi-Two glove has demonstrated its effectiveness in tremor management.

  4. No Electricity Required: The glove utilizes magnets for stabilization, eliminating the need for external power sources.

  5. 15 Years of Innovation: Steadiwear has a history of 15 years in developing tremor glove solutions.

  6. Positive User Feedback: Users with conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremors have reported improvements in their daily lives.

Additional Notes:

  • Steadiwear’s commitment to discreet and efficient tremor relief aligns with its vision for a world where hand tremors no longer hinder daily activities.

    Founder: The co-founders of Steadiwear are Mark Elias and Emile Maamary.


7: eSight By Getex Corporation.

Company: eSight is a pioneering provider in the low-vision assistive technology industry. Their commitment to innovation and user empowerment sets them apart.

  • Mission: eSight’s mission is to empower individuals with impaired vision to See New Possibilities. They strive to enhance the quality of life by enabling people to regain visual independence.

  • Product: At the heart of eSight’s offerings are their advanced low-vision smart glasses. These glasses incorporate cutting-edge technology to enhance vision for those with visual impairments.

Key Features:

  1. High-Definition Camera: eSight glasses feature an integrated camera that captures real-time imagery from the user’s surroundings. This live feed serves as the basis for the enhanced visual experience.

  2. Proprietary Algorithms: The captured footage undergoes optimization and enhancement using eSight’s proprietary algorithms. These algorithms work to improve contrast, clarity, and overall visual quality.

  3. OLED Screens: The enhanced imagery is presented to the user through OLED screens within the glasses. These screens provide a clear, high-resolution view, allowing users to perceive details they might otherwise miss.

  4. Wide Compatibility: eSight glasses are designed to work with over 20 different eye conditions, including Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Stargardt disease. The versatility of their technology ensures that a broad range of users can benefit.

  5. On-The-Go Use: The glasses offer wireless, hands-free operation, allowing users to experience improved vision during daily activities. Whether reading, recognizing faces, or navigating their environment, users can do so comfortably and conveniently.

Additional Notes:

  • User Experience: eSight’s smart glasses prioritize user comfort and usability. The lightweight design ensures that users can wear them comfortably for extended periods, whether indoors or outdoors.

  • Customization: eSight provides personalized adjustments to meet individual needs. Users can fine-tune settings such as magnification, contrast, and brightness for optimal vision enhancement.

  • Real-Life Impact: The success stories shared by eSight users highlight the profound impact these glasses have on daily life. From reading and recognizing faces to enjoying scenic views, eSight opens up new possibilities.

  • Community and Support: eSight fosters a supportive community, connecting users and providing ongoing assistance. Their commitment extends beyond the product itself.

    Founders: While I know this company is not necessarily a startup you can learn more about the holding company here: GentexCorporation

    Product Website:

6: ImaginAble Solutions

Mission: ImaginAble Solutions is dedicated to creating assistive technology that improves the quality of life for people with disabilities. Their mission is to enhance mobility and self-expression through innovative products.

Product: The company’s flagship product is Guided Hands™, an award-winning assistive device designed for individuals with limited hand mobility. It enables users to write, paint, draw, and access technology.

Key Features:

  1. Promotes Guided Hand Movements: Guided Hands™ encourages the use of gross motor skills in the shoulders, reducing reliance on limited fine motor skills in the hands.

  2. Multipurpose Utensil Holder: Compatible with pens, pencils, paintbrushes, markers, and styluses.

  3. Ergonomic Wrist Rest and Adjustable Strap: Ensures comfort during use.

  4. Ambidextrous Handpieces: Tailored to accommodate various levels of hand mobility.

  5. No Electricity Required: Guided Hands™ operates without external power sources.

Additional Notes:

  • ImaginAble Solutions fosters a supportive community, connecting users and providing ongoing assistance.

  • Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, they ship their products worldwide.

Founder: Lianna Genovese


5: 3D Pets.

Mission: 3D Pets set out with the mission of bringing animal mobility devices into the 21st century. Their goal is to empower pets with custom-fit mobility solutions, ensuring they can move comfortably and confidently.

Product: Their flagship products include full-limb dog prosthetics and custom dog wheelchairs. These devices are designed to enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for pets.

Key Features:

  1. Shock Absorbing Feet and Wheels: The prosthetics and wheelchairs incorporate shock-absorbing components, providing stability and comfort.

  2. Waterproof Devices: Designed to withstand various weather conditions and outdoor activities.

  3. Flexible and Breathable Harness: Ensures a snug fit without compromising comfort.

  4. Durable and Lightweight: The materials used strike a balance between durability and weight.

  5. Modular Design for Adjustability: Customizable to fit each pet’s unique needs.

  6. Add-Ons: Additional features like wheels and skis are available for different terrains and activities.

Additional Notes:

Community Impact: 3D Pets’ innovative approach to pet mobility has garnered attention and support from pet owners, veterinarians, and animal lovers worldwide.
Customization: Their 3D-printed prosthetics and wheelchairs are tailored to each pet’s specific needs, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal functionality.
Quality Materials: 3D Pets prioritizes the use of durable, lightweight materials that withstand wear and tear while providing maximum comfort.
Holistic Approach: Beyond physical mobility, 3D Pets recognizes the emotional well-being of pets and aims to improve their overall quality of life.

Founders: Adam Hecht

3D Pets

4: SmartArm

Company: smartARM

Mission: Their mission is to build innovative technology that empowers human autonomy. They recognize the need for accessible upper-limb prostheses that combine function with affordability.

Product: smartARM introduces the world’s first bionic arm powered by vision. These high-performance bionic limbs are designed to be beautiful and accessible to anyone globally.

Key Features:

  1. Vision-Powered: smartARM’s bionic arms feature optical sensors that identify objects, enabling automatic calculation of the most appropriate grip.

  2. AI Integration: Powered by artificial intelligence, these prosthetics allow intuitive and seamless interaction with the environment.

  3. Affordability: smartARM aims to make fully articulated prosthetic hands accessible at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Additional Notes:

  • The company was born out of a conversation addressing the frustrating gap between affordable prosthetics and functional ones.

  • smartARM’s vision-powered approach leverages Microsoft AI to strengthen accessibility.

Founders: Hamayal Choudhry and Evan Neff


3: Lumen

Mission: .lumen’s mission is to create cutting-edge assistive technology that enhances the lives of the blind. Despite technological advancements, common mobility solutions for the blind, such as white canes and guide dogs, have limitations. The team at .lumen aims to bridge this gap by providing a groundbreaking alternative1.

Product: The .lumen Glasses for the Blind represent the world’s first advanced mobility solution specifically designed for the visually impaired. These glasses leverage self-driving technology, scaled down to a wearable headset. Key features include:

  • Obstacle Recognition: The Glasses utilize optical sensors to recognize obstacles in the environment, whether above or below ground level. This real-time awareness helps users navigate safely.

  • Autonomous Driving: By incorporating autonomous driving technology, the .lumen Glasses empower blind individuals with an unprecedented level of independence. Imagine a guide dog’s intuition combined with cutting-edge AI2.

  • Additional Notes:

    • Research and Innovation: Over 50 researchers, engineers, and designers contribute to .lumen’s groundbreaking work. Their collaborative efforts drive continuous improvement and innovation.

    • Affordability and Accessibility: .lumen is committed to making their Glasses both affordable and user-friendly. They recognize that accessibility is crucial for widespread adoption.

    • Global Impact: Trusted by the blind community, .lumen aims to revolutionize mobility and accessibility for the 40 million+ visually impaired individuals worldwide who may not have access to guide dogs

Founder: Cornel Amariei



Mission: AAVAA’s mission is to empower individuals through innovative technology, enabling seamless human-machine interaction without the need for hands or voice commands.

Product: AAVAA develops non-invasive, wearable devices that enhance accessibility. These devices allow for hands-free command and control in various consumer and professional applications.

Additional Notes:

  • AAVAA’s team includes experts in neuroscience, biomedical engineering, and machine learning.

  • Dr. Naeem Komeilipoor, the founder and CTO, leads AAVAA’s operations and drives innovation.

  • Exciting positions, such as Unity Developers, contribute to creating a hearing solution for people with hearing impairment.

Founder: Dr Naeem Komeilipoor

Website: AAVAA | A New Way to Experience the World


Mission: CIONIC’s mission is to enhance mobility for individuals with upper motor neuron disorders by providing the Cionic Neural Sleeve™, a wearable device that counteracts foot drop and leg weakness.

Product: The Cionic Neural Sleeve™ combines sophisticated sensors with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). It continuously analyzes motion and delivers personalized electrical stimulation to activate necessary muscles during walking.

Additional Notes:

  • Controlled via the CIONIC application (iOS and Android).

  • Clinical evidence shows improved ankle dorsiflexion and reduced ankle inversion.

  • Pricing includes a pay-as-you-go option and FSA/HSA eligibility.

  • Cancel anytime if the sleeve doesn’t help.

Founder: Jeremiah Robison


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