3 Marketing Challenges Solved for Tech Companies by a Specialized Agency

May 10, 2024

For nearly a decade, our agency has helped tech companies of all sizes, from B2B SaaS to B2G hardware developers, achieve remarkable growth. We've witnessed the unique challenges faced by businesses in healthcare, life sciences, fintech, and emerging fields like XR and 3D printing. We are even especially proud to represent a company in the Quantum Computing space.

Drawing on this experience, we've identified 3 common pain points that often hinder tech companies' growth. In this industry insight, we'll delve into these challenges, explore how our agency specifically addresses them, and provide examples of the work we do to deliver results.

Challenge #1: Brand Mismatch

Many established tech companies face a frustrating situation: they have a strong reputation, loyal customers, and a successful track record, but their brand image doesn't reflect their achievements. This can make them appear outdated compared to newer competitors, hindering their ability to attract high-value clients.

Here's how we bridge the gap:

  • Competitive Benchmarking: We conduct thorough research to analyze industry leaders and identify the visual cues that build trust and authority within your specific tech niche.

  • Deep Client Discovery: Through in-depth discussions and workshops, we get together to understand your company, your ideal customers (in this case, large manufacturers), and their expectations. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor your brand to resonate with your target audience.

A Case Study: Building Trust for Cutting-Edge Solutions

For example, we partnered with a leading XR company offering solutions to large manufacturers. While a flashy and gimmicky brand wouldn't resonate with established corporations, a forward-thinking and reliable brand image was essential. Through client discovery, we delved into their needs and crafted a brand that conveys expertise and inspires confidence in these decision-makers.


(See attached photo and website to client branding for Sphere)

Challenge #2: Website Woes: Unclear Message and Outdated Design

A website is often the first impression a potential client gets of your tech company. If your website is outdated, confusing, or doesn't clearly communicate your value proposition, it can be a major conversion killer. This is a common issue we encounter, and while strong branding is ideal, we can also help revitalize existing websites.

Here's how we transform lackluster websites into powerful lead magnets:

  • Collaborative Website Development: We believe in a structured, collaborative process. Through open communication, brainstorming sessions, and user research, we work closely with you to build a website with a clear message, compelling design, and a user-friendly interface.

  • Tailored Content for Multiple ICPs: Some tech companies, like our client ACTO (an Intelligent Field Excellence Platform for Life Sciences), cater to various audiences (doctors, pharmaceutical reps, patients, etc.). We ensure your website caters to each ICP with targeted messaging and content.

(An Example of a Website that Speaks to Multiple ICP's - https://acto.com/ )

Choosing the Right Platform:
Selecting the right website platform is crucial. We consider factors like ease of use, scalability, and ongoing maintenance. Depending on your needs, we might recommend platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, or WooCommerce.

Empowering Your Growth:

We go beyond simply building a website. We believe in empowering our clients to manage and grow their online presence. We provide comprehensive training to equip your team with the skills to maintain, update, and optimize your website for long-term success.

The Outcome: A Website You're Proud Of

Our goal is to deliver a website that not only converts leads but also reflects your brand and values with pride.

Challenge #3: Crafting Compelling Sales Collateral

Tech companies often struggle with creating effective sales collateral. There are several reasons for this:

  • Complex Solutions: Cutting-edge technology can be intricate and challenging to explain concisely.

  • Information Overload: Packing too much technical detail can overwhelm potential clients.

  • Content Disconnect: Sales materials might not effectively convey the value proposition of the technology.

We bridge this gap by crafting compelling sales collateral that educates, engages, and persuades. Here are some examples of how we've helped clients:

  • Case Study Videos: These impactful videos, like the one we created for our client Sparrow (Find and Rent Rooms with People You'll Love - Sparrow (sparrowshare.com)), showcase real-world success stories and effectively illustrate product-market fit. By telling the story of how a tech solution transformed a business, case study videos build trust and demonstrate value.

  • Targeted Explainer Videos: We understand that tech companies often cater to multiple ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles). To address this, we can create explainer videos with dedicated segments for each audience segment, ensuring clear and relevant messaging that resonates with each ICP.

  • Product Update Videos: For major product updates or service enhancements, we create high-quality promotional videos that highlight exciting new features and benefits.

(A link to a client that utilizes our video services, - https://sparrowshare.com/sparrow-stories )

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By Zachary Ronski.

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